On the Subject of Homophonic CM

A machine that knows no bounds when it comes to ciphers.

Config the table below so that the lowest value in that row is underneath the letter that is shown on screen A. Ex: OEC means that 01 is under O, 27 is under E, and 53 is under C.

For each letter of the encrypted word, do the following.

You should now have a decrypted word.

For each number, find them in the table and use the column of the number to get the letter that is above the rows of numbers.

You should now have a decrypted keyword that will be used in step 3 so hang on to it.


Encrypted Word: MQNVG
Key: OEC
Digit String: 50072

5 + M → 53 → C
0 + Q → 07 → U
0 + N → 04 → R
7 + V → 72 → V
2 + G → 27 → E

Decrypted Word: CURVE