On the Subject of the Parallelogram CM

A machine that knows no bounds when it comes to ciphers.

From the Pandemonium Cipher module by Obvious.

Create a key using the keyword on screen 1 and the Boolean Expression on screen A. Make sure to remove any Xs. Rearrange the key into a 5×5 matrix.

Take the 2 keywords on screens 2 and 3 and replace any Xs with the letter on screen B.

For each letter of the encrypted word, do the following:

  • Find the Nth letter of the encrypted word in the matrix
  • Compare its position to the Nth letters of the 2 keywords.
  • Add up the movements required to go from the encrypted letter to the other letters and move starting from the letter of the encryption using this movement you added up, wrapping around if necessary.
  • The resulting letter becomes your Nth decrypted word.

When you reach the end of the keyword, treat it as if it wraps around to the beginning of the keyword.

Finally, if any of the letters on screen 4 match at the same position as any of the letters of your encrypted word, replace that letter with a X. You should now have an decrypted word.


Encrypted Word: JOHWOV
Keywords: LAPSE, BOX
Screen B: J
Screen 4: ZGZJII


J, LB → F
O, AO → A
H, PJ → R
W, SB → M
O, EO → E
V, LJ → D


Decrypted Word: FARMED