On the Subject of the Route CM

A machine that knows no bounds when it comes to ciphers.

Use the shape that has the same amount of sides equal to the length of the encrypted word:

If the Submit Button is white, follow the instructions under Encrypt Instructions. Otherwise follow the instructions under Decrypt Instructions.

Encrypt Instructions

  • Fill in each point of the shape with letters of the encrypted word in reading order.
  • Starting at the top most point of the shape, go counter-clockwise on the shape and subtract 1 to the number from screen 1 until that number is 1.
  • Finally, read the letters in clockwise order starting with the letter you end up on from the previous step to get a decrypted word.

Decrypt Instructions

  • Label the top most point of the shape with the number on screen 1. Then going clockwise on the shape, add 1 to the number and label that shape’s point. If the number goes over the number of points the shape has, make it a 1.
  • For each letter of the encrypted word, place the Nth letter at the point labeled N.
  • Read the letters in reading order to get a decrypted word.

Example 1

Encrypted Word: ATBSLNEU
Key Number: 5
Using Encrypt Rules

T      B
S            L
N      E


Decrypted Word: UNSTABLE

Example 2

Encrypted Word: AFISR
Key Number: 2
Using Decrypt Rules

1      3
5   4

A      I
R   S


Decrypted Word: FAIRS