On the Subject of City Planning

If I can’t navigate a maze, what makes you think I can in a city?

Note: If there is a white square on the grid, you are looking at the wrong manual.

A “City Planning” module has a 6×6 grid blueprint of a chunk of city ground. The grid has two green circles, a triangle, and faded squares noting spaces.

  • Each symbol represents a type of building or infrastructure.
  • Place 4 symbols using the triangle on the grid so it satisfies all the infrastructure type conditions listed below.
  • Place a symbol on the grid by tapping the triangle.
  • If any condition is not satisfied when placing a symbol, a strike will incur and the symbol will not be placed.
  • The color of the triangle will match that of the next symbol placed.

Note: “adjacent” does NOT include diagonally.


Housing Complex
  • If present, must be adjacent to a Road.
  • Must have at least one free space adjacent to it for parking space.

Road Intersection
  • When placed, turns the whole row and column it’s in into Roads.
  • Roads may not run through buildings or other designated regions.
  • At least two buildings must be adjacent to the Roads placed on the grid.

Shopping Market
  • Must be on the same road as a Housing Complex for convenience.
  • Must not be adjacent to a Housing Complex to prevent noise complaints.

  • Must not be within two spaces of any Shopping Market at any time.
  • If present, must be adjacent to a School.

Park Center
  • Must not be adjacent to a Road.
  • If present, must be adjacent to a Library or a School.

  • Must be 1-2 spaces away from a Road.
  • If present, must be adjacent to a Library.