On the Subject of Clapping Music

👏👏👏X👏👏X👏X👏👏X - Steve Reich, 1972

  • This module consists of one “clap” button 👏 and one “rest” button.
  • To defuse the module, press the correct sequence of claps and rests.
  • Refer to Table A below to determine the clapping pattern to follow based on edgework.
  • Choose the pattern based on the first condition satisfied.

Table A. Patterns

# Pattern Use if these are true or present:
1 👏👏👏X 👏👏X👏 X👏👏X Lit BOB indicator.
2 👏👏X👏👏X👏X👏👏X👏 No batteries.
3 👏X👏👏X👏X👏👏X👏👏 One PS/2 port.
4 X👏👏X👏X👏👏X👏👏👏 Last digit of the serial no. is 0.
5 👏👏X👏X👏👏X👏👏👏X One parallel port.
6 👏X👏X👏👏X👏👏👏X👏 Unlit CLR indicator.
7 X👏X👏👏X👏👏👏X👏👏 Last digit of the serial no. is prime.
8 👏X👏👏X👏👏👏X👏👏X No. of port plates is even.
9 X👏👏X👏👏👏X👏👏X👏 Lit CLR indicator or Lit NSA indicator.
10 👏👏X👏👏👏X👏👏X👏X No. of serial and parallel ports is equal.
11 👏X👏👏👏X👏👏X👏X👏 No. of DVI-D ports is even.
12 X👏👏👏X👏👏X👏X👏👏 None of the above.