On the Subject of Classical Order

What’s the order of that column again? Ionic? Corinthian? Doric?.

The module consists of 9 buttons, each labeled with a letter of the Greek alphabet.

To disarm the module press the 9 buttons in the correct order, following these steps:

  1. Out of the 9 columns below, find the one that contains no letter matching any letter on the buttons.
  2. Starting from this column, read the table column by column in the direction given by the first 2 characters of the serial number, wrapping around.
  3. Press the buttons in order of their letter’s first appearance.

Pressing a wrong button will result in a strike, the module does not reset.

First 2 characters of serial number (X: letter / #: number)
XX X# #X ##
Columns: right to left left to right right to left left to right
Letters: top down top down bottom up bottom up