On the Subject of Classical Sense

All the tunes you didn’t know the names of.

This module contains two selection arrow buttons, a green submit button, a play button and 2 displays.

The play button will play a section of a piece from the list below. Pressing the play button repeatedly will replay a different section of the piece. However, it will only cycle between two sections of a certain piece. The play button also has a 30 seconds cooldown. Holding down the play button for more than 5 seconds will play you a cluster chord and the entire module will reset. You can only reset the module once! The play button will then invert its colors, but it will have no impact on its function.

Upon identification, use the selection arrows to find the correct piece. Top display will show you the currently selected piece and the bottom display will show you the currently selected composer. Press the green button to submit your answer. Submitting a wrong answer will give you a strike, however, the module will not reset.

The Nutcracker SuitePyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Symphony no. 9 (From the New World) mvt. 4Antonín Dvořák
Symphony no. 2 (Resurrection) mvt. 5Gustav Mahler
The Rite of SpringIgor Stavinsky
Prelude to the Afternoon of a FaunClaude Debussy
Der Rosenkavalier SuiteRichard Strauss
Requiem in D minorWolgang Amadeus Mozart
Pictures at the ExhibitionModest Petrovich Mussorgsky
Symphony no. 9 mvt. 4Ludwig van Beethoven
VltavaBedřich Smetana
Siegfried IdyllRichard Wagner
BoleroMaurice Ravel
The PlanetsGustav Holst
Rhapsody in BlueGeorge Gershwin
Symphony no. 7 (Leningrad) mvt. 4Dmitri Dmitriyevich Shostakovich