On the Subject of Coffee Beans

Me and the boys at 3 am awake due to B E A N S

This module has 3 coffee beans on it. Some beans will be moving around. To solve the module, you must consume the three beans in the correct order. Eating a bean at the incorrect moment will cause a strike. Note that you cannot see a bean when it has been eaten.

Finding Valid Beans

To find the valid order of eating the beans, follow the steps below. Hovering over a bean will display its index.

  1. Observe the movements of the empty spot. These can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal. The spot will make 3 to 5 movements before pausing and repeating the sequence.
  2. Observe the positions of the empty spot at the beginning and end of the sequence.
    • If the space stayed in the same place, or it moved to the diagonally opposite position, eat the bean with index 1.
    • Otherwise, if the space moved horizontally, eat the bean with index 2.
    • Otherwise, eat the bean with index 3.
  3. Create a series of pairs by taking each pair of consecutive movements. Do not create a pair between the last and first movement.
  4. Reference each of these pairs in the below table to obtain a movement for each pair.
    • If an even amount of these new movements result in diagonal or nothing, eat the bean with the lower index.
    • Otherwise, eat the bean with the higher index.
  5. Finally, eat the remaining bean.