On the Subject of Collapse

Don’t make this too heavy on yourself!

This module consists of a 10 column by 15 row grid, alongside a rotated needy timer.

The needy timer on the left denotes how much time is left before the module decides to game over. This only counts down when any of the columns is at maximum height and counts up to 99 otherwise. The timer is exaggerated to show a 2 digit number when the actual time left is shown on the module is 1/10th of that, roughly.

To prevent this, the defuser must select 3 or more blocks of the same color to eliminate them. Clicking on that valid group once will select it and clicking on the selected group will clear them out.

The darkened blocks are blocks that will be added into the stack and cannot be selected.

As more modules are solved, more colors will be added in the mix alongside blocks being added in quicker. A third color is added in when more than 50% of all modules are solved and a 4th color at 90% solved. The speed of the blocks is determined by total percentage of all modules solved, to as low as 1.25 seconds per row with 1 remaining module.

Taking a game over results in a strike at a cost of keeping this needy permanently deactivated.