On the Subject of Color Addition

  • On the module, there are three 7 segment displays with different colors on them.
  • Each display has 3 numbers of different colors: red, green, blue, but if multiple colors are shown within the same segment, they blend to produce a different color.
  • Get the sum of the three 3 digit numbers: the red numbers, the green numbers, and the blue numbers; and take the three least significant digits.
  • Assigning each digit to a button, press the buttons in order from smallest to biggest even numbers, and then smallest to biggest odd numbers.
  • If there is a tie, press those buttons from right to left on the module.
  • Once a button is pressed, you will not be able to see the colors again until a strike is given.
Red Blue Green Magenta Yellow Cyan White

This is a diagram showing the colors that will appear on the module

Wait, is this the flavor text?