Color Blindness Diagram

On the Subject of Color Blindness

It's like Roman art, but with less math, less color, and less difficulty!

This is a module in which the defuser is colorblind. They must with the help of the expert, choose the piece of art that the bomb is assigned to, without being able to describe them the color of said-art.


There are a total of 8 possible paintings. The defuser can cycle through them with the left and right arrows on the module.

Painting One Painting Two Painting Three
Painting Four Painting Five Painting Six
Painting Seven Painting Eight

Determining Your Painting

Count the numbers of batteries on the bomb. If the number exceeds 3, your painting is not one in an open-field/landscape and you need to follow the ruleset below.

  • If the bomb has a serial port, your painting contains animals.
  • Otherwise, your painting is a portrait of a person.

Determining Your Painting (cont.)

Otherwise, count the number of modules on the bomb, and modulo this by 8. Then, add the last digit of the serial number.

If the bomb's serial number has an A, do nothing. Otherwise, add 5.

Take the last digit of this number and add 1. This is the number of the painting in reading order that you will press.

If the number is above 8, press the eighth painting. If the number is 0, press the first painting.

Submission of Painting

Once the expert has described the correct painting to the defuser, instruct them to use the arrows to select that painting.

Submit the correct painting to solve the module.