On the Subject of Color Decoding

The colors, Simon; what do they mean!?

This module is comprised of three stages, where each stage contains a 4×4 indicator grid above a 6×6 display grid. Each grid is comprised of five colors: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, and Purple. In each stage you must select a number of rows and/or columns from the 6×6 grid. You can select a row or column by pressing the arrow button at the end of that row or column. The selections you must make can be determined as follows:

  • From the pattern of the indicator and the state of the bomb, determine the row in the next table to use for the stage.
  • For the Venn line patterns section, consider the colors present in the indicator. For every color that is present in both the indicator and the table row for the stage, obtain the line pattern above that color in the column. Use that pattern or patterns in the Venn diagram on the following page to determine the correct constraint set number.
  • Go to that constraint set. For each constraint in that set from top to bottom, select the row or column which satisfies that constraint from the 6×6 grid. Skip the constraint labels described in the skip section, based on the current stage.
  • When you have completed all three stages, the module will be disarmed.
Indicator Pattern Bomb/Module State Venn Line Patterns Skip Section
Stage 1Stage 2Stage 3
Checkered ≤2 Batteries R G B Y A, C B B, E
>2 Batteries P B Y R B, D D C, E
Vertical ≤2 Ports G R P Y C A, D A, B
>2 Ports B Y G P A, E B, D A, D
Horizontal ≤2 Lit Indicators Y P R B D A, C B, E
>2 Lit Indicators G B P R C, E A C, D
Solid Stage 1 or 3 P G B R A, E B, D C
Otherwise Y R G P E A, D B, C
2 4 5 6 7 8 1 3 4 7 2 6 8 5 1 3 Note: Sequence constraints are reversible; e.g. BRR and RRB are equivalent on the display.
Constraint Sets 1–4
LabelSet 1Set 2Set 3Set 4
ABGB in sequence.PYP in sequence.BPY in sequence.GGB in sequence.
BBBY in sequence.G is not present.PPB in sequence.YRG in sequence.
CR is not present.YYR in sequence.PRP in sequence.P is not present.
DYPG in sequence.RPY in sequence.G is not present.BYB in sequence.
EYGB in sequence.BPR in sequence.RBR in sequence.RGB in sequence.
Constraint Sets 5–8
LabelSet 5Set 6Set 7Set 8
AGGY in sequence.PGG in sequence.BBG in sequence.PGB in sequence.
BRGG in sequence.YRR in sequence.BYG in sequence.Y is not present.
CYRP in sequence.B is not present.PYY in sequence.PPG in sequence.
DPRR in sequence.YYG in sequence.R is not present.BRG in sequence.
EB is not present.YGR in sequence.YBG in sequence.RGR in sequence.