On the Subject of Color Grid

You must be seeing things.

  • Each button on the grid will be colored one of four colors on a 5x5 grid.
  • Each color corresponds to a set of three conditions. You should press a button if two or three conditions are met. A button will become black if it is pressed.
  • The buttons can be pressed in any order, meaning that the answer will change upon each input.
  • Button adjacency only refers to orthogonal directions.
  • Upon each button press, each non-pressed button has a 10% chance to change. This does mean that the module can turn into a solved state prematurely.
  • If an incorrect button is pressed, the module will strike.
Red Orange Blue Green
  • There is an adjacent red square.
  • There are three black squares adjacent.
  • No blue squares are adjacent.
  • There is an adjacent orange square.
  • There are two black squares adjacent.
  • No red squares are adjacent.
  • There is an adjacent blue square.
  • There is one adjacent black square.
  • No green squares are adjacent.
  • There is an adjacent green square.
  • There are no adjacent black squares.
  • No orange squares are adjacent.