On the Subject of Colorful Hexabuttons

Never judge a book by its cover, for it can be more colorful than it looks.

Start by pressing the center button. This will cause each button to flash a color. The order that the colors flashed in represents the finished state of the puzzle. If you have a hard time identifying the colors, press the Status Light to enable/disable colorblind mode.

Each button is associated with the color that flashed on it. Read the non-center buttons in reading order to represent the beginning state of the puzzle.

The puzzle consists of a 2×3 grid, consisting of all 6 colors but replace the color of the center button (when hovered over) with an empty space:


The numbers represents the order that the colors go for both the beginning and finished state. Pressing a non-center button will slide the color that is assigned to it into the empty space. If it is unable to, then it won’t move at all.

Press the non-center buttons in such a way to get the beginning state to the finished state. Once you feel like you have created the finished state, press the button that corresponds to the absent color to submit your answer.

If you have correctly made the finished state, the module will be disarmed. If not, the module will strike you and it will reset to the beginning state. Pressing the center button will also reset the puzzle to the beginning state.