On the Subject of Colour Flash

It’s easy to identify colours. Red, Blue, Green, etc. Turns out it's a bit harder when you display a word colour in a different colour though...

  • A colour flash module will repeatedly flash a sequence of 8 different words representing colours in different colours.
  • The possible colours are Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Magenta and White.
  • There is also a Yes button and a No button on the module.
  • Only one of the Yes and No buttons need to be pressed to disarm the module, but must be pressed at the correct time according to the rules below.
  • The colour of the last word in the sequence determines which set of rules to follow below.
  • Follow the rules down from the top-most rule, down to the bottom-most rule for the block that applies to your module.
Green used at least 3 times. Yes on 3rd word or Green.
Word once. No on Magenta.
Yes on last White or word.
Blue. Yes on first word.
White or White. Yes on 2nd time the colour ≠ the word.
No based on how many word or Magenta there is.
Consecutive word in different colours. No on 5th.
Magenta used at least 3 times. No on 1st Yellow or word.
Yes when the colour matches word.
Colour ≠ word at least 3 times. Yes on 1st time the colour ≠ the word.
Red or Yellow. No on White.
Yes on last Green or word.

Continuation of previous table...

Consecutive colour in different words. Yes on 3rd.
Yellow > word. No on last Yellow.
No on first time colour matches word of 7th entry.
Colour of the 3rd matches the word of the 4th or 5th. No on first time Blue or word.
Yellow. Yes on last word.
No on any.