On the Subject of Command Prompts

Who thought that installing some old Vista technology on a bomb was a good idea...

  • This module consists of a display and 2 buttons.
  • When the module activates, the display will show a command, a file and an extension.
  • Look in the diagram below to find which button must be pressed.
  • If a wrong response was given, the code from the file will hand over a strike.
  • Successfully disarm this needy by responding with the right Response Button.
  • Some combinations have exceptions. Refer to Section B of the manual for more information.

Section A: Combination Diagram


Section B: Exceptions

Exception 1: If the extension is exe or cmd, press Y.
Exception 2: If the extension is dll or sys, press Y.
Exception 3: If the extension is bat or exe, press N.
Exception 4: If there is a vowel in the serial, press N.