On the Subject of Commuting

Getting to and from work is a fairly mundane choice, until making the wrong choice has larger consequences than simply missing a meeting.

On the module are 4 buttons with symbols, each representing a method of transport. To defuse this module you have to press two buttons, the first to go to work, the second to get back home.

Stage 1: Going to work

Follow these rules in the order they are listed.

  • If the bomb has an indicator labelled BOB, take the bus unless the indicator is lit.
  • If the bomb has 3 or more batteries, go by train.
  • If the bomb has a lit indicator labelled CAR, drive to work.
  • If the bomb has a Stereo plug, cycle to work.
  • Walk to work.

Stage 2: Getting home

Follow these rules in reverse order unless the last number of the serial number is higher than 5. Otherwise, follow them in order.

  • If you walked to work, cycle home.
  • If you drove to work, take the car back. Otherwise, take the train.
  • If you took the bus to work, walk home.
  • If you have a train ticket and there’s more than 5 minutes leftz on the bomb, ride the bus.

z: If the bomb was started in Zen mode, ignore the timer.

Important: If at any point in time none of the rules apply, press the top left* button unless the serial number has a vowel in it, then press the bottom left* button.

*) If the amount of minutes displayed on the timer is even, use the right button instead.

Available vehicle symbols

Icon Vehicle Method of Travel
On foot Walking
Bicycle Cycling
Car Driving
Bus Riding / Taking