On the Subject of Complicated Wires

These wires aren’t like the others. Some have stripes! That makes them completely different. The good news is that we’ve found a concise set of instructions on what to do about it! Maybe too concise...

  • Look at each wire: there is an LED above the wire and a space for a "★" symbol below the wire.
  • For each wire/LED/symbol combination, use the Venn diagram below to decide whether or not to cut the wire.
  • Each wire may be striped with multiple colors.
Wire has red coloring
Wire has blue coloring
Has ★ symbol
LED is on
Letter Instruction
CCut the wire
DDo not cut the wire
SCut the wire if the last digit of the serial number is even
PCut the wire if the bomb has a parallel port
BCut the wire if the bomb has two or more batteries

See Appendix B for battery identification reference.
See Appendix C for port identification reference.