On the Subject of Coordination

Want to see me index into the table?
Want to see me do it again?

  • This module contains a 6×6 grid of buttons, one of which will be colored black.
  • Using the coordinate displayed on the black square, index into the table in the manual to receive a coordinate.
  • Using the coordinate received in the manual, index that into the module to receive another coordinate.
  • Repeat this process until there is a spot that has been "landed on" in both the manual and the module. If a spot has been landed on before, move a space to the right, wrapping around if necessary. If there are six different "loops" contained within one row, submit the starting coordinate.
1 F4 A2 E2 D4 C5 E1
2 A3 F3 D1 C2 E6 D3
3 C3 E4 C4 B6 A6 B5
4 E3 C1 D6 B2 A1 E5
5 F1 F5 B1 B3 D5 C6
6 F6 D2 A4 B4 A5 F2