On the Subject of Core Encryption

Either solve the maze or 66 2A 2A 2A 20 6F 66 66... I mean uhhhh detonate

This module is shown with 5 keys numbered 0 to 4, and 2 displays, one for displaying the submitted number, and one that flashes 4 numbers. There is also an indicator at the top that currently has 2 question marks. There are also arrows next to the indicator for moving across a maze.

Solving the maze

Any digits referred to in this manual are ordered from left to right. To start, add up the 1st digit of every number flashing, then the 2nd, then the 3rd etc. then modulo 8 and add 1 EXCEPT FOR THE LAST DIGIT. The 1st pair of numbers is the starting coordinates (all coordinates are top-bottom row, left-right column). The 2nd pair is the end coordinates. The last digit is the number determining the maze; if odd, use maze 1 (shown below to the left), else use maze 2 (shown below to the right).

The red in the images are walls, touching them gives a strike and does not move you. TL corner is 1,1 and BR is 8,8.

Get the starting coordinates to the end coordinates using the arrows and the indicator will start flashing. If a strike occurs while moving through the maze, the indicator will show the current coordinates.

Decoding the numbers

When the indicator starts flashing, it will either be black or orange. Orange signifies the first number, and every number after will be 2, 3 and 4 before it repeats. Remember what the orange number is, it will be vital in a later stage. 4 shifts will be made:

  • Shift 1 = Number 1 squared + (Number 1 digit 1 * Number 1 digit 2 * Number 1 digit 3 * Number 1 digit 4 * Number 1 digit 5)
  • Shift 2 = Number 1 digit 1 + Number 2 digit 2 - Number 3 digit 3 + Number 4 digit 4 + 10
  • Shift 3 = (Number 3 * Number 1) / (Number 2 * Number 4) + 9999
  • Shift 4 = (Number 3 digit 3 * Number 4) / (Number 2 - Number 1 digit 3) + 11111

After calculating shifts, modulo all of them by 88889 and remove decimals. If a shift is less than 10000, add 10000. To get the output, add all of the original numbers with its shift. This will be labelled as the end number. Do the calculation: End Number 1 - End Number 2 + End Number 3 - End Number 4 + 1000000. Modulo by 44445 and modulo every digit by 5. The output should have digits 0-4, so submit this number in. If the number is incorrect, a strike will be given.

Solving the maze AGAIN

The indicator will stop flashing and new numbers will generate. These numbers will flash at twice the speed, so be careful. Again add up the 1st digit of every number, 2nd digit of every number etc. BUT when finished, modify the first and second pair. Add the first digit of the orange number from before to the 1st number of the 1st pair. Add the last digit of the orange number to the 2nd number of the 1st pair. Now acknowledge the maze chosen by the 5th number. If it’s maze 2, add port count to the 1st digit of the 2nd pair and the battery count to the 2nd digit of the 2nd pair. If it’s maze 1, add port PLATE count to the 1st digit of the 2nd pair and the battery HOLDER count to the 2nd digit of the 2nd pair. Now solve the maze as usual, using the mazes from ‘Solving the maze’. When finished the module will solve.

If any button is pressed out of place, such as arrows in ‘Decoding the numbers’ or buttons in ‘Solving the maze’ and ‘Solving the maze AGAIN’, a strike will be given.