On the Subject of Count to 69420

funni haha.

A Discord channel called #count-to-69420 will be shown on the module.

To solve the module, you must continue the count, but also do some mind games to make sure you get the numbers you like. The base rules of the channel are as follows:

  • Your number should be the previous number in the channel, plus one.
  • When you have typed a number, you must wait for someone else to do the next number before you can send a number again.

To the right of the channel you can see three users who are currently online. Their profile pictures won't be shown, due to KTaNE factory running low on money in today's hard times.

To solve the module, you must perform a simple task: Predict the next number to be typed by the user selected. Repeat this 5 times. When typing a number, the module will record only its last 4 digits.

To determine who will type the next number, evaluate the following:

  1. Take all the users who want and are able to type the next number, using the table on page 2.
  2. If there is one user who would count this number, they count this number.
  3. If there are multiple users who would count this number, the person for which applies that the expression (number modulo ping) is the lowest will count the number. In case of a tie, take the earliest on the online user list.
  4. If there are no users who want to count the number at all, take all the users that do not want to have the number after the next number, again using the table on page 2.
  5. Try steps 2 and 3 again.
  6. If this was no success, just take all the users and reevaluate step 3.
Lord KabewmPrefers numbers which have an even digital root.234
ObviousPrefers odd numbers.136
GhostSaltPrefers numbers which, when written in hexadecimal, return a least significant digit of 8 or higher.614
RdzanuPrefers numbers where the total count of 4's and 7's combined is odd.731
MásQuéÉlitePrefers numbers whose ternary representation has an even amount of 2's.633
AnAverageArceusPrefers numbers which have an odd amount of distinct prime factors.366
BomberJackPrefers numbers which consist of two or fewer different digits.394
mehPrefers numbers that can be represented as an integer to the power of another integer greater than 1.243
DanielstigmanPrefers numbers whose digits share odd/even parity.998
Danny7007Prefers numbers where the absolute difference between its first two digits match that of its last two digits.407
AsmirPrefers numbers whose digits alternate between being greater than or equal to 5, and less than 5.818
EltrickPrefers numbers which have an even amount of circles visually.956
Shadow MeowPrefers numbers which are either divisible by 7 or has the least significant digit be 7.808
Cooldoom5Due to a previous incident, they are now unable to count. Send 0 and do not bother counting.NULL