On the Subject of Crackboxes

Tetris?... Again?!

  • This module consists of a 4×4 gridded screen with ten buttons labelled 1–10 to the left, and a button labelled “Check” on the top of the module.
  • There are four arrows below the numbers that change the box that is currently selected.
  • Six out of the sixteen boxes are filled in, meaning you can’t add a number or remove the black boxes in those places.
  • Two of the numbers are already provided as a starting point. You can’t change these values either.

To solve a Crackbox, fill in the empty squares on the module with numbers that follow these rules:

  1. Each square must be filled in with a unique number.
  2. Numbers that are adjacent to each other (including diagonally) must either be numerically adjacent in value (wrapping around, so 10 is considered numerically adjacent to 1), or both be even, or both be odd.

To submit your answer, press the “Check” button.