On the Subject of Creation

Let there be life!

  • Combine elements to create a new lifeform!
  • The module contains a display featuring multiple elements, a segment explaining the day #, and a segment explaining the weather.
  • As you create new elements, new icons will appear.
  • Be careful, though, as change in weather can affect the elements you are combining, and may require another element to negate it!
  • Combining a wrong pair of elements will result in a strike and the module will reset.

Using the chart below, determine the starting element based on the weather pattern of Day 1:

Weather Element
Rain Water
Wind Air
Heat Wave Fire
Meteor Shower Earth

Based on the starting element’s position on the display, look up the correct permutation number in the following table:

Upper-Left Upper-Right Bottom-Left Bottom-Right
Water [2] [1] [4] [3]
Air [1] [2] [3] [4]
Earth [4] [3] [1] [2]
Fire [3] [4] [2] [1]
Clear weather has a permutation of [0]

Use this number to determine which lifeform to create.

Bomb has 3 or more battery holders:
If any lit indicators are present, AND all batteries are Double A, the lifeform will be:
[0] Bird | [1] Dinosaur | [2] Turtle | [3] Lizard | [4] Worm
Otherwise, if any lit indicators are present, the lifeform will be:
[0] Dinosaur | [1] Turtle | [2] Lizard | [3] Worm | [4] Bird
Otherwise, if any unlit indicators are present, AND all batteries are D cell, the lifeform will be:
[0] Turtle | [1] Lizard | [2] Worm | [3] Bird | [4] Dinosaur
Otherwise, if any unlit indicators are present, the lifeform will be:
[0] Lizard | [1] Worm | [2] Bird [3] Dinosaur | [4] Turtle
Otherwise, the lifeform will be:
[0] Worm | [1] Bird | [2] Dinosaur | [3] Turtle | [4] Lizard

Bomb has 2 or less battery holders:
If there are more port plates than battery holders:
[0] [4] Ghost | [1] Plankton | [2] Seed | [3] Mushroom
Otherwise, if there are any duplicate ports:
[0] [4] Plankton | [1] Seeds | [2] Mushroom | [3] Ghost
Otherwise, if there are more unlit Indicators than lit Indicators:
[0] [4] Seeds | [1] Mushroom | [2] Ghost | [3] Plankton
Otherwise, the lifeform will be:
[0] [4] Mushroom | [1] Ghost | [2] Plankton | [3] Seeds

Weather Rules:
Check the forecast in the top-left corner of the module, next to “Day #”
If it’s raining, all “Water” must be substituted by “Fire.”
If it’s windy, all “Air” must be substituted by “Earth.”
If there’s a heat wave, all “Fire” must be substituted by “Water.”
If there is a meteor shower, all “Earth” must be substituted by “Air.”
If the weather is clear, then no substitutions are required. Enjoy the sunshine!
GEN. 1 Earth Air Fire Water
Earth X Dust Lava Swamp
Air Dust X Energy Steam
Fire Lava Energy X Alcohol
Water Swamp Steam Alcohol X

GEN. 2FireDustSwampEnergyLavaWater
FireXAshTarPlasmaXGen. 1
SwampTarPollenXLifeXLily Pad
WaterGen. 1CementLily PadXStoneX

GEN. 3SwampLifeStonePlasmaFireWaterAirEarth
SwampXBacteriaXXGen. 2Gen. 2XX
FireGen. 2XMetalXXGen. 1Gen. 1Gen. 1
WaterGen. 2WeedsSandXGen. 1XGen. 1Gen. 1
AirXXSandXGen. 1Gen. 1XGen. 1
EarthXEggXXGen. 1Gen. 1Gen. 1X

GEN. 4AirEggEarthSwampWeedsBacteriaWaterLife
AirXBirdXGen. 3XXGen. 3Gen. 3
EarthGen. 1DinosaurXXMushroomXGen. 1X
SwampGen. 3LizardXXMossWormGen. 3Gen. 3
WeedsXSeedsMushroomMossXXXGen. 3
WaterGen. 3TurtleGen. 1Gen. 3XPlanktonXGen. 3
LifeGen. 3XXGen. 3Gen. 3XGen. 3X