On the Subject of Cruel Binary

Only 50% to strike! Oh, wait. Its 99.6%...

This module contains buttons with the labels “0”, “1”, “R”, “Send”, “Read” and a display. On the display you will see the text “1 Message”. Press the “Read” button to see a word on the display. Then, based on your word calculate an 8-digit binary number and submit it. The binary number can be calculated by using the following steps. As an example we will use the word “Above”.

If buttons are not red or the display doesn’t show a word, you are looking at a different module.

  • Step 1: Convert your word to dots and dashes with the Morse code alphabet (See Appendix C01).

    (Example: Above -> .--...---...-.).

  • Step 2: Replace any dashes with ones and any dots with zeros.

    (Example: .--...---...-. -> 01100011100010).

  • Step 3: The amount of digits in your number must be divisible by 8. If it’s not, add the needed number of zeros to the end of your number.

    (Example: 01100011100010. Amount of digits is 14, so we need to add two zeros. -> 0110001110001000).

  • Step 4: Take the first 8 digits and convert them to decimal. Then take the second 8 digits and do same operation, etc.

    (Example: 0110001110001000. First 8 digits are 01100011 which is 99 in decimal. Second 8 digits is 10001000 which is 136 in decimal).

  • Step 5: Add up the received decimal numbers, modulo 256, then convert back to binary.

    (Example: 136 + 99 = 235, which is 11101011 in binary).

  • Step 6: Finally, submit your number.

    (Example: The “1” and “0” buttons are used to input “11101011” and then the “Send” button is pressed to submit, while the “R” button is pressed if any mistakes were made to reset input).

Note that you must submit your code in full format! For example, if you got 110, you must submit 00000110.

Appendix C01: Morse code alphabet.