On the Subject of Cruel Candy Land

Cardi A died in Afghanistan.

Vanilla, No POOP
Just cut the wires! It’s not that complicated. You’d better do what your expert, Simon, says. If you think this is hard, try it with Morse code.
Vanilla, POOP
Maybe if you press the button enough times, you’ll get past this module. You’ll need more than a password to pass this bomb. *slaps module* This keypad can fit so many symbols.
Modded Needy, No POOP
Don’t want to put in effort? Just filibuster until the timer runs out. If you’re stressed out, just refill that beer! You’re gonna need all eight pages of that manual.
Modded Needy, POOP
You’re already doomed; you may as well press F to pay respects now. I’m running out of ideas for cards. Command prompt! If you don’t trust your experts, you can always flip the coin.
Modded, No POOP
Video poker? I hardly know 'er! Thankfully, you don’t need to deal with snakes or climb ladders to get out of this. If you’re having a hard time, use Special Expert Technology (SET).
Modded, POOP
Apparently this bomb is lousy at playing chess. It’s technically not murder if the bomb kills those people. Call a point of order if your experts are cheating.