On the Subject of Cruel Countdown

And here’s the Countdown clock…

  • The module shows a numbers round from the TV gameshow Countdown.
  • To disarm the module, calculate the larger target number using the given smaller numbers and the standard mathematical operators.
  • The solution will always be possible and you must always enter at least one calculation, even if a given number wholly contains the target number.
  • To interact with the module, click the countdown clock. Once started, you will have 30 seconds to input the correct answer.
  • Enter a standard mathematical operation by clicking a number, followed by an operator and then another number.
  • The newly created number will replace the first number you clicked, whilst the second number will become unusable.
  • According to the rules of Countdown, only your first answer can be accepted. Therefore, once selected, numbers and operators cannot be unselected and calculations cannot be undone.
  • If you attempt to create a number that is not a positive integer or is larger than 9,999, the calculation will fail and a strike will be incurred.
  • If your countdown clock expires, a strike will be incurred and new numbers will be generated.
  • Note: The cruel variant of this module will have any random "large" digits between 21 & 99, rather than the standard 100, 75, 50 & 25 and smaller numbers may be as large as 15, rather than the standard 10.