On the Subject of Cruel Garfield Karts

Come on in come to the place where fun never ends; Come on in and join us for Garfield and Friends!

  • Press the six button to play a video clip* of Garfield Kart gameplay, press the one button to enter submission mode.
  • Take the mode of the player’s ranking as shown in the top right. If this is not possible, take the median and round down.
    • Due to some ambiguous cases of rankings, the following tracks have their rankings stated here.
    • City Slicker in round one has the ranking of two.
    • Pastacosi Factory in round three has the ranking of three.
    • Caskou Park in round one has the ranking of three.
  • At any point after calculating a new number, modulo that number by one million and round down.

Calculating your number

  • Calculate your initial number by finding your character based on the chart below. The letter indicates the first name of the character. Refer to the standard Garfield Kart manual for character identification.
Color Conditions
Blue The serial number contains a letter within “GARFIELD.”
Green The serial number contains a letter within “KART.”
Orange There is a lit indicator that contains a letter within “GARFIELD KART.”
  • Take the alphabetic position of each letter in your character’s name starting with one, and modulo each letter by ten. Concatenate that string of numbers to get your starting number.
    • If there is a lit BOB indicator on the bomb, reverse this number.
  • Take the number you got from the rankings and multiply that against your current number. Then divide that number by the amount of complete drifts.
  • A complete drift consists of being able to see the drift marks (black tire marks) and seeing a blue or red spark come from the tires. It also consists of the player getting a considerable speed boost from it.
  • Add up all the ones in the binary representation of your current number. Divide your current number by that amount.
  • If the player is asleep at any point in the video (indicated by either snoring sounds or Z’s coming off of the player), add 522.
  • Use the following table to adjust your current number based on the cup present. You can find this in the standard Garfield Kart manual.
Pizza Lasagna Hamburger Ice Cream
+69 +420 -69420 -42069
  • If the player hit one speed boost, add one to your current number.
  • However, if they hit two speed boosts, disregard the previous step instead multiply by eleven.
  • If the player loses control by either a pie or blowing up, then square your number
  • Find the track in the next table that the player is in and adjust your number by that amount.
Blazing Oasis Caskou Park Catz in the Hood City Slicker
Modulo by 6494. Concatenate 17. Reverse your number. Rearrange your number to have odd positioned values to be listed first, and then even. Append zeros if your number is not six digits long.
Country Bumpkin Crazy Dunes Loopy Lagoon Mally Market
Add 8. Divide by the amount of zeros in the current number’s binary representation without any leading zeros. Divide by the mean of the serial number, with each letter being a base 36 number. Convert each letter from your character’s name from base 36 to base 10 and add them. Divide your current number by the sum you just received.
Mysterious Temple Palerock Lake Pastacosi Factory Play Misty for Me
Concatenate each number in the serial number and divide your current number by that amount. Square your current number. Take the dots in each digit of your current number and divide your current number by that amount. Your current number is now one.
Prohibited Site Sneak-A-Peak Spooky Manor Valley of the Kings
If your character is a cat, divide by nine. Take the square root of your current number. Take the digital root of your current number. Take the log10 of your current number.
  • If your number is not six digits long then prepend sixes until it is.
  • If there is a digit that is above six, subtract six.
  • If there is a zero in your number, it becomes six.
  • If you have exactly 24 batteries and 12 battery holders the number you need to submit is 111111.
  • This is your final number, enter each digit corresponding to the labels on the buttons after entering submission mode.


  • For what the tracks look like, go to here or here.
  • Go to here for Morse code.
  • If at any point you need to divide by 0, don’t and skip the step.
  • To concatenate is to combine the digits in the order they appear. E.G. 12 || 34 becomes 1234.
  • To modulo is to subtract a number until the number you are subtracting is below the number you are subtracting by. If the number is negative, you add instead of subtract until it is positive.
  • Base 36 is your standard number system (i.e. from 0–9), but after 9, it becomes a then b then c, until you reach z. A would have the value of ten, b would be eleven, and so on.
  • The mode of a set of numbers is the most frequently occurring number. If there is a tie, there is no mode.
  • The median is the middle number when you arrange all numbers in a set in ascending order. If there is no definitive median from your set, then you include numbers in between the two left and find the median in that. E.G. the median of 1 4 6 7 would be 5.
  • To round down is to ignore all decimals.
  • The digital root of something is the repeated adding of all the digits in a number, until the number is a single digit.
  • *Paws Inc. Software is buggy. It is recommended to wait to give information until the audio and the video sync up.