On the Subject of Cruel Keypads

Do you know korean?

  • This module will display korean letters. A colored bar and a stage counter.
  • To solve the module you must press the symbols in the correct order. Using the venn diagram below. Find out which table to use. You must check the venn diagram every stage and find a new table. There are 3 stages.
  • Once you found which table to use. Apply the special rule and input the symbols in the correct order.
The strip is red, blue or green
This is stage 1 or 3
Any of these symbols are present: ㅇ ㅈ ㅉ ㅟ ㅋ
If the color of the strip contains a letter* in common with the serial number.

Table A:

Special ruleSwitch the first press with the last and the second with the third.

Table B:

Special ruleIf it's stage 2 or 3 then switch the first press with the fourth press.

Table C:

Special ruleIf there is a ps/2 port on the bomb and any lit indicator then reverse the order. Otherwise switch the first press with the second.

Table D:

Special ruleIf this or any of the previous stages contained a ㅟ letter then reverse the order.

Table E:

Special ruleIf the strip in any of the previous stages were yellow or blue then input in the reverse order.

Table F:

Special ruleIf the serial number contains a letter or number in common with any of the ports on the bomb then swap the third press with the fourth. Otherwise swap the first and the second.

* The possible colors are: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Magenta, and White.