On the Subject of Cruel Match ’em

Matchmaker, matchmaker, give me a break.

On this module is a playfield with 25 cards arranged into five rows.
Each card can be one of twelve suits: Chevrons, Clubs, Coins, Cups, Diamonds, Eyes, Hearts, Pentacles, Shields, Six point stars, Spades, and Swords and one of twelve colours: Red, Orange, Yellow, Lime, Forest, Blue, Cyan, Violet, Pink, White, Bronze, and Silver.
Amongst the cards are twelve pairs and one remaining unpaired “joker” card.

None of the 25 cards on the playfield are identical.
Use the table on page two to find the matching pairs of cards and press the start button to flip the cards over.
The backs of the cards are identical.

With the cards flipped, the screen displays the number of remaining shuffles.
Initially, this number will always be 8.

Press the button to shuffle the cards. Each shuffle combines two of the following transformations:

  • Swapping two rows/columns of cards.
  • Shifting a row/column one space.
  • Rotating four cards around the center of the playfield.
  • Swapping two cards.

Once there are no shuffles remaining, the cards can now be selected, flipping them back over.
When two cards are selected, the module will check for a match.
If the two selected cards match, they will remain face up.
Otherwise, a strike will be incurred and the selected pair of cards will be flipped face down.

The module is solved once only the joker is left face down.

The table below contains every possible card.
Every card other than the joker is paired with either its vertical, horizontal, or diametric opposite in the table.