On the Subject of Cruel Stars

H̶̱͐o̶͖͘w̶̭̥̔̔ ̷̞̍̂ş̵͔̅̃h̶̝͉́̐i̴̙͒n̴͔͕̈̾ẏ̵̻̌!̷̜͎̽

On the module will be five square buttons, three digits that can be toggled using the grey button, a clear button at the bottom right of the module, and a red submit button. To solve the module, press the buttons in the correct order using the rules below.

Step 1: Initial position

Take the first and last letters of the Serial Number (row and column respectively) and turn them into their base-36 equivalent, modulo 8, and add 1. This will be your initial position.

Step 2: Table movements

At the initial position, and after each step in the following ruleset, append the digit set onto your answer if there are more even than odd digits within the center digits. Otherwise, prepend the digit set.

Each movement while following the ruleset, with the exception of moving to the diametric opposite, will be repeated a number of times equal to the second digit in the serial number, with 0 becoming 10. Possible movements are: up, down, left, right, cardinal directions, 90° clockwise/counterclockwise, and moving to the diametric opposite within the table. The table wraps around.

  1. If the displayed word ends in a vowel (Y not included) move right. Otherwise, move southwest.
  2. If the displayed word has 6 letters, move to the position diametrically opposite of your current position. Otherwise, move up.
  3. If the displayed word's first letter is between I - U (inclusive) move northeast. Otherwise, move left.
  4. If the displayed word contains a "T", move northwest. Otherwise, move down.
  5. If the word has 4 letters, move southeast, right, down, and then diametrically opposite the position you end up. Otherwise, rotate your position 90° clockwise if the last digit of the serial number is even, and counterclockwise if it is odd.
  6. If the displayed word contains an "I", move left and southeast. Otherwise, move to the diametrically opposite position.
  7. If the displayed word has two repeating letters back to back, move northeast then up. Otherwise, move right then down.
  1. HOWEVER, if the displayed word is "SCREAM", move left, northwest, southwest, right, up, right, left, down, and finally move to the position diametrically opposite of the position you end up. Take the 2nd, 4th, 6th, and last "sets" you land on. Otherwise, ignore this rule.
1435223 323333 34323 2551 5545 12134435 212312 545
5432154 1234555 12121233 223344 21 45132 11235 1554333
51351 333 45 4334433 11111112 24123 45321 445
2344 321 143 2234 43551 3251 34243 12345
155 125 233334 1111 255 522 22 2
212312 433234 2343 444414 5112 5233 24444 123123
3212355 2341351 1515 42323 21151 12223 4412 151543
23155 43211 11522 34555 5232 33445 44123 52432

Step 3: Modifying your final string

Take your string from step 2 and split it into groups of 3. If groups of 3 can no longer be made, append 1s to the remainder. Each digit in these groups of 3 will represent R, G, and B components respectively.

Add the colours of the 5 square buttons using additive colour mixing to get one single colour. If this colour is Red, Green, or Blue, add the digits of the other two components to the single one, modulo 5, and add 1. Do keep the other two digits in the string, they will not be modified further. Do this for each group of 3.

If the colour is Cyan, Magenta, or Yellow, however, swap the digits within each group that correspond to the components that make up that colour. Do this for each group of 3.

If the colour is White or Black, however, do not modify your string.

After all modifications to the string have been applied, input the final sequence into the module. Where the buttons are: 1 = Top, 2 = Top Right, 3 = Bottom Right, 4 = Bottom Left, 5 = Top Left.

However, if the bomb has a lit BOB indicator, the letters L and W in the serial number, and a regular "Stars" module present, disregard any rules and input "115111541151115411511154543543211151115411511154115111544545451". Willeh did the job for you.