On the Subject of Cruel Synesthesia

Be glad it's not lexical-gustatory!

This module displays a grid of 16 buttons, three colour selection bars, and two more buttons. The right button above the colour selectors will play a sequence when clicked. The top button submits the current grid. To solve the module, colour the grid according to the audio track.

When the play button is pressed, sets of notes can be heard. These sets correspond to the red, blue and green components of the colour. If an RGB-channel is not present, its note will not play. As a reference the colour selectors will play the note corresponding to their value and channel on a press. Press a square of the grid to colour it in this selected colour. On playing, the submit button turns white. The play button can be pressed again to stop the sequence. The order of the audio to grid is a hilbert curve, as shown in the table below.


All possible colours and their RGB values:

001011 021031101 111121131
002 012 022032 102 112122132
003 013 023033 103 113123133