On the Subject of Cruel Word Search


This module contains a screen with a grid of 36 red letters. Within these letters is a word from the table below.

Each letter of the word in the grid will be adjacent to the letters next to it in the word. Note that the grid does wrap around.

Select each of these letters and then select any previously selected letter to submit the selection. A selected letter can be deselected by holding it.

If the selection is correct, the module will solve. If a wrong selection is submitted, the module will strike and reset.

Valid Words

Interactive Controls

  • In Read mode, you can press Space/Any Letter on your keyboard to input the puzzle.
  • In Solve mode, the adjacent letters highlight when you hover over a letter and squares are selectable to show which letters are part of the solution and which order to click them.
  • The reset button only resets the numbers and selected letter highlights.
  • On mobile, you can use the textbox to type the puzzle letters.