On the Subject of Curriculum

I want to major in anything that takes this combination of classes together.

  • You have been lazy through your summer vacation, so taking classes quickly became a matter of life and death - literally.
  • On the bomb there is a grid for your schedule, buttons for the five classes you have to take, and a SUBMIT button.
  • The class pairs (shown as columns in the next table) are always on the same button.
  • However, the locations of the buttons are randomized. You should use the first letter of each class to determine which button is which.
  • There is only one class you should be taking in each pair, decided by the following table. (If the character is a letter, simply convert it to its numeric value, A=1, B=2 etc.)

Classes you should take

Serial character in the same position is Even PHYSICS PHILOSOPHY PROGRAMMING LINGUISTICS LOGIC
  • Now that you know which classes to take, you should decide which section of that class you should take.
  • Each class has 3 different sections that are available, each of which has 2–3 lectures throughout the week. Each lecture is shown as a white cell on the grid.
  • Whenever sections of two different classes try to have a lecture on the same slot, it will result in a conflict. These will show up on your schedule marked as red.
  • By default, a proper schedule that you can submit should have zero conflicts.
  • There are also special conditions, and only one of them is effective for your module.
  • Follow the table on the next page to find which condition suits your bomb. Start from the top and whenever you find a fitting condition, stop. Your schedule should accomodate the effects of that condition.
Name Condition Effect
Mathlete Last digit of the serial is 0 Can’t take lectures on Tuesday
Party Animal Five or more ports present Can’t take lectures in the last slot of each day
Part-Timer Empty port plate present Can’t take lectures on either Thursday or Friday
Sleepy Gary No indicators present Can’t take lectures in the first slot of each day
Band Practice Three or more batteries present Can’t take lectures in the second halves of Monday and Wednesday
Freshman Year None of the other conditions apply Can’t take lectures in the second half of Friday
  • Outside of the table, you have a special condition that is always checked called BOOKWORM:
If you have no strikes AND at least 1 solved module on the bomb, your schedule can have 1 conflict. CAUTION: Lectures on the conditionally affected hours are not considered conflicts and should be empty regardless of your BOOKWORM situation.
  • There may be more than one correct schedule.
  • When you decide you have taken the correct sections of the correct classes, press the SUBMIT button.
  • You will get a strike if
    • your classes don’t match required classes,
    • your schedule doesn’t follow the effective condition, or
    • your schedule has too many conflicts.