On the Subject of Customer Identification

Don’tcha $&@#ing dare slap me again!

The module consists of a keyboard, a text box, a display with a silhouette, 3 unlit light bulbs, and an image of Papa Louie’s head.

To initiate a stage, press the border on which the silhouette is located. The silhouette will then reveal a random customer from the Papa’s Gameria series of games.

The reveal will last for 7.5 seconds before returning to its original image. Relay as much information on the customer shown. You can only press the border once per stage.

After the customer returns to its original image, you are now able to type text in the text box. Type the exact name of the customer shown on the module. Submit your answer by pressing the Enter button on the keyboard.

If the input given was correct, a light bulb beside the border would light up. If the input given was incorrect, all the lights bulbs would turn off, and a strike will be given.

Light up all the light bulbs given to solve the module.

Index: Keyboard Guide

This keyboard replica functions differently than normal.

Keyboard Functions

  • Shift - Replace the current set of typable keys with its alternative. The keyboard will not revert to the previous setting when pressing any typable key after pressing Shift.
  • Backspace - Remove the rightmost character in the text box.
  • Enter - Submits the answer written on the text box. It only works when you have pressed the border.
  • Any Typable Key - Types the character on the text box.
  • The Remaining Keys - It does nothing. Only for decoration purposes.

Customer Reference

Akari Alberto
Allan Amy
Austin Bertha
Big Pauly Boomer
Boopsy & Bill Brody
Bruna Romano C.J. Friskins
Cameo Captain Cori
Carlo Romano Cecilia
Cherissa Chester
Chuck Clair
Cletus Clover
Connor Cooper
Crystal Daniela
Deano Didar
Doan Drakson
Duke Gotcha Edna
Elle Ember
Emmlette Evelyn
Fernanda Foodini
Franco Georgito
Gino Romano Greg
Gremmie Hacky Zak
Hank Hope
Hugo Iggy
Indigo Ivy
James Janana
Johnny Jojo
Joy Julep
Kahuna Kaleb
Kasey O Kayla
Kenji Kenton
Kingsley Koilee
LePete Liezel
Lisa Little Edoardo
Maggie Mandi
Marty Mary
Matt Mayor Mallow
Mesa Mindy
Mitch Moe
Mousse Mr. Bombolony
Nevada Nick
Ninjoy Nye
Okalani Olga
Olivia Pally
Papa Louie Peggy
Penny Perri
Petrona Pinch Hitwell
Professor Fitz Prudence
Quinn Radlynn
Rhonda Rico
Ripley Rita
Robby Rollie
Roy Rudy
Santa Sarge Fan
Sasha Scarlett
Scooter Shannon
Sienna Simone
Skip Skyler
Sprinks The Clown Steven
Sue Taylor
The Dynamoe Timm
Tohru Tony
Trishna Utah
Vicky Vincent
Wally Wendy
Whiff Whippa
Willow Wylan B
Xandra Xolo
Yippy Yui