On the Subject of Cutting Order

You ever wonder why the people who make these bombs also make a way to disarm them? If you want to cause destruction, you might as well leave out the safety mechanism.

  • Cut the wires according to the table below, going left to right* in the correct row found below.
  • This may result in not all wires needing to be cut.
  • If a voltage meter exists, use the row equivalent to the integer part of the volt reading.
  • Otherwise, use the row corresponding to the first correct condition listed below:
  1. The serial number contains the letters A, D, E, or F.
  2. The first wire is black.
  3. The red wire is adjacent to the green wire.
  4. The black wire comes before the red one.
  5. The violet wire comes after the white one.
  6. The orange wire is adjacent to the yellow one.
  7. There are two wires in between the blue and orange wire.
  8. The yellow wire is in a prime numbered position.
  9. The white and black wires are adjacent.
  10. No other condition applies.
1 R1O2Y3G4B5V678
2 6KBYWVG4325O87
3 VK863BOW54Y2R1
4 48576BK1RV3WGY
5 6BYK81ORG3725V
6 G23Y46KB7OV85R
7 7G3O45Y1B2KV6W
8 6785W3KOYVR1B2
9 125YORW87V6K4B
10 GKB8W4172RY63O

*If the bomb was generated on the thirty-first of June, go right to left instead.