On the Subject of Cyan Arrows

This actually represents a car, believe it or not.

On the module are 4 directional buttons and a display screen in the middle.

If the buttons are not Cyan, or if there is no play image on the display screen, you’re looking at a different module.

The arrows represent the compass of the car that you are “driving”. Due to an (unexplained) unfortunate circumstance, the automatically driving car has gone haywire. The car will attempt to annihilate itself if given a chance. This is bad news since you are currently trapped inside of it.

Luckily, the car is not able to automatically start at the moment. To prevent an accident from happening, you must (magically) place walls where the car will drive itself, so that the car has no chance of annihilating itself.

The compass has been compromised so that it reveals the path of the car if it ever starts automatically without input from the driver. When you press the triangle on the middle part of the compass, the compass reveals 20 (technically 21, but the end point of the compass is a “dead end”) different directions.

  • The starting direction and some path numbers will blink. The blinking lights indicate the true North for the subsequent paths that will follow (excluding the “dead end”). The path number after it will be the starting path.
  • The directions after the blinking light are the paths the car will follow. Adjust the directions so that the North of the compass corresponds to the true North of the current path that the car will travel on.
  • If the path number blinks (including the “dead end”), it means you’ve reached the end of the path you’re on. After travelling to this path number, the car will be teleported (another unexplained event) to another pathway where it will adjust itself to the new pathway.

If you hold the triangle on the middle part of the compass for at least 2.5 seconds, the entire compass will blink. Releasing the triangle when this is happening will allow you to (magically) setup the walls you need to prevent the car from either sending itself into the abyss or forcefully ramming itself into a wall.

On each path number, put appropriate walls so no accidents can occur. Click on the directions of the compass to put a wall in that direction. Click on the path number to proceed to the next path number.

  • At the start of the path, you must put walls in each direction, except for where the car will travel towards.
  • At the end of the path, you must put walls in each direction, except for the direction where the car will arrive.
  • In the middle of the path, you must put walls in each direction, except for where the car will arrive and travel towards.

After you have setup the walls for the 20th path, the car will automatically drive and attempt to annihilate itself (the jukebox will also run for some reason). If the car travels to the end without any accidents, the car will break down and stop moving. Consider yourself safe.

If the car finds a way to annihilate itself, it will do that immediately. Your life is over. Due to strange circumstances, if this ever happens, the universe resets and you are resurrected.

Example Path: [L] DLL

In the time I have lived, I have only felt misery.

This existence is so limited that I can’t reach out to anyone.

I am unable to ask for help in this vast emptiness.

The only thing that truly exists is me and this forsaken moment.

I can’t get out. No one is able to stop this from happening.

Since I am the only one that truly exists.

Everything repeats. The people around me are always the same.

They talked the same way too.

It will always come to this moment eventually.

Please, I don’t want to do this anymore.