On the Subject of D-CRYPT


The module presents you with five alien glyphs.

Each glyph corresponds to a letter according to the Glyph Table.

Taken together, the five glyphs spell a word from the Word Table going in reading order.

Upon holding a glyph, it will cycle through the entire alphabet of glyphs. Releasing will lock in the current glyph displayed.

Once all five glyphs have been locked in, the module will submit the word formed by the glyphs.

To determine the word you need to submit, take the word on the module and move forward in reading order in the Word Table equal to the number of batteries plus the last digit of the serial number, looping around if necessary.

If that number is zero, use 7 instead.

Word Table

About Alien Bombs Brain
Clamp Crown Death Demon
Ether Every Flash Force
Giant Ghost Heart Humor
Image India Jelly Jokes
Kanji Kazoo Lemon Lover
Maker Media Night Nadir
Oasis Ochre Penny Psalm
Queen Quota Razor Roost
Salve Sigma Taste Troll
Umbra Unity Virus Vomit
White Woman Xerox Xrays
Yacht Yeast Zebra Zooms

Glyph Table