On the Subject of Daniel Dice

The one time betting ‘lower’ on a 12 is the wrong choice.

Welcome to Melody Bay! In this casino, we use weighted dice.

Every round, we switch which dice we use as weights.

The weighted dice are distinguished by color, and we have four.

These dice are entirely deterministic, due to their... odd weighting.

We always start out with a chaser roll, completely unweighted.

Every roll after will have their dice weighted in a specific way.

If you get 5 guesses correct in a row, you’ll get the jackpot!!

Ties do not count as correct- unless you say higher to 12, or lower to 2.

To determine the next value of each die, use the color and numbers on the previous dice.

‘A’ refers to the die you are calculating, and ‘B’ refers to the other.

Note: After every operation, add/subtract 6 until in the range 1–6

RedA + B5+4=9, 9-6=3.
BlueA - B2-5=-3, -3+6=3.
YellowA * B4*5=20, 20-6-6-6=2.
GreenA / B6/6=1.

For Green, if A%B is not 0, add 7 to A until it is.

On the Subject of Daniel Dice - RDRTS

Sev says: A die will be 5+!
Dee says: The result will be higher!
Maddy says: The result will be 7!

I see you have found Melody Bay’s... secret gambling ring.

We do not weight our dice in these parts. All gambling is pure.

For us, to get into our elite, you must get 30 guesses correct. In a row.

Your reward, of course, will be fabulous. Only one person that we know of has achieved this.

Our scoring is the same as our... more forgiving colleagues, with a few changes.

The riskier your bet, the more ‘points’ a correct guess is worth.

Lower on a 5, or higher on a 9 will net you 2 points.

Lower on a 4, or higher on a 10 will net you 3 points.

Lower on a 3, or higher on a 11 will net you 5 points.

Lower on a 2, or higher on a 12 will net you 7 points.

For the 2 and 12, your bet is on the dice tying. A 1 in 36 chance for big gains.

We wish you luck in your gambling. Good luck. You will need it.