Appendix: Day-Time Widgets

Date of Manufacture

This widget consists of the name of a month and a year, meant to represent the production date of the bomb you’re playing. Not all bombs come equipped with production dates.

Time of Day

This widget consists of the name of a day of a particular color, an orange number representing the given month, and a cyan number representing the given date. The numbers are not set in any particular order, so expect to see them in different configurations.

The widget can be forced to be set to Americanized [Month-Day] or International [Day-Month] format, however.

If all colors are green, this means colors are disabled, and the format of the widget will be the same across all bombs. Please refer to the bomb’s written configuration to know which format is chosen. The default is International format.

Randomized Time

This is a digital clock that features a random time of day, and may be in either am/pm format or in a military format. The clock will blink in sync with the bomb’s timer, however, this has no effect on the widget. The time featured on the widget will not change.

If the widget features a 5 at the beginning where the am/pm dots are meant to be, this is not a randomized time widget.

Bomb Starting Time

This is a special version of the Randomized Time widget that shows the time when the bomb was started. The blue "5" at the beginning of the widget represents "Start" to differentiate between the Randomized Time widget. The widget also does not blink like the Randomized Time widget. You should not encounter this widget unless intentionally - as it’s meant to be used on prototype bombs that count upwards rather than downwards.