Looking Up Daylight Directions

You can’t stare at the sun. Maybe look at it another way...


Last digit of serial no.
Odd Even
SunLeft CompassMarked CompassMarkedRotated180 SunRight
SunLeft CompassMarkedRotated180 CompassMarked SunRight

Starting Direction

Go through the table in reading order and stop when you reach the first condition met.

Condition Starting Direction Condition Starting Direction
1: Duplicate Ports SunRight 2: Serial/DVI port present, Parallel port NOT present SunRight
3: 4 letters in serial no. SunRight 4: 2+ lit indicators SunRight
5: D battery is present SunRight 6: Serial no. contains vowel SunRight
7: More than 4 batteries SunRight 8: Otherwise SunRight

Arrow Color

Do not use these images as the solution for this module. Only use them to indicate how to rotate of the arrows from the starting direction.