On the Subject of Death Note

“I’ll take a potato chip AND EAT IT!” - Light Yagami

Kira is currently being secretly investigated by the Japanese police force and therefore cannot give justice to the world or he risks being caught. Therefore, he has mailed your defuser, his trusted friend, his death note and interface to make sure that justice can still be served while he gets himself out of suspicion. Your defuser will be the new temporary god of the new world, the new interim Kira.

On the interface is a 24-hour clock, a day counter, the death note, two buttons with a phone and newspaper symbol, and three buttons that say “RETURN”, “PASS ON”, and “GO ON”.

The clock lets your defuser keep track of time to delete criminals in the death note. It also restricts certain deletions to be performed at specific hours and minutes, which can be found on page 3 under Time Restrictions.

The day counter lets your defuser keep track of how many days they have been the interim Kira. Each day starts at 00:00:00 and ends at 23:59:59.

The death note may be opened by clicking the cover, and closed by pressing the top left corner of the left page when the death note is open. Inside the death note on the left page will be different selectable letters and symbols (including an enter key bottom right and a delete key to its left), which your defuser may use to write down and delete the day’s criminals in the format of [Name] [Time of Death (hr:min:sec)] [Cause of Death]. Use the enter key to separate criminal entries. Writing cannot be erased after pressing enter, so write carefully. There are also restrictions to the causes of death, see page 3 under Cause of Death Restrictions to view these restrictions.

The button with a phone symbol calls the real Kira, which is not safe to do until the 4th day of being Kira since your defuser could risk him getting caught. Once it is safe to do so, your defuser must call Kira everyday to see if there is specific instructions Kira wants your defuser to follow. Remember that Kira does not like to repeat instructions. Kira assumes your defuser knows to listen to the news and delete the correct criminals without given instructions for the first 3 days.

The newspaper button plays a snippet of the day’s news possibly telling the names of criminals*. This is where your defuser gets all the information needed to delete the correct criminals for the day using the death note. The defuser can play the snippet as many times as they want.

Certain criminals must always be deleted without restriction, the names of these criminals are marked with with a † and any cause of death on page 3 under All Causes of Death may be used*. The criminals announced in the news that are not marked must be checked through the rules on this page under Deletable Under Circumstances to determine if they are deletable.

The three other buttons are action buttons which can only be pressed when the death note is closed. “RETURN” when clicked will mail the death note back to the real Kira, which can only be done if the real Kira says its okay. “PASS ON” when clicked will pass the death note on to another temporary Kira, which can only be done if the real Kira says its okay. “GO ON” when clicked will let your defuser go on with their day and wait until the next day for more Kira work. Make sure that all times written down in the death note are ones that have not already passed today before pressing these buttons.

If at any point an instruction is performed incorrectly by your defuser or all deletions have not been performed by the end of the day, they will be punished harshly with a cruel death by either the real Kira or a spy Kira that the real one has set up to monitor your defuser.

*All possible criminal names are on page 4 under Scum of The Earth.

Deletable Under Circumstances

If any of the following rules apply to a criminal, then that criminal is deletable.

  • Their name contains 2 letter B’s and they committed a petty crime.
  • They committed a major crime on day 2 or 4 and their name contains at least 5 vowels (excluding y).
  • Their name contains the letter M or F and it is day 1 or 6.
  • Their first name consists of < 5 letters and they committed a major crime.

Time Restrictions

If any of the following rules apply to a criminal, then that criminal is deletable only at the specified time requirement.

  • They committed a major crime on day 3 - between hours 4 and 12
  • They committed a petty crime on day 2 or 5 - between hours 14 and 20
  • They committed a petty crime on day 4 - between minutes 31 and 58
  • They committed a major crime on day 1 - between minutes 0 and 45
  • They committed a major crime on day 6 - when the seconds digits form a prime number (a number that is greater than 1 and only has 2 factors)

Cause of Death Restrictions

If any of the following rules apply to a criminal, then that criminal is deletable only with the specified cause(s) of death.

  • It is day 1 or 4 and they committed a petty crime - Crushed by Boulder or Hit by Car
  • It is day 2, 3, 5, or 6 and they committed a petty crime - Drowned in Acid, Trip on Banana Peel, or Heart Attack
  • They committed a major crime and their first name starts with the letter A or C - Electric Chair, Deadly Disease, or Bomb Explosion
  • They committed a major crime and their last name ends with a Y - Choked by Old Man or Shot Through the Heart.

All Causes of Death

A list of all available causes of death to use on criminals.

  • Heart Attack
  • Electric Chair
  • Drowned in Acid
  • Crushed by Boulder
  • Trip on Banana Peel
  • Choked by Old Man
  • Deadly Disease
  • Shot Through the Heart
  • Hit by Car
  • Bomb Explosion

Scum of The Earth

Andrew Chalice Andy Benjing Anthony Strong Barry Wendelson† Benjamin Junebug
Brandon Kang Brianne Bailey Burry Wendelson Carly Heavens Charlie Mitch
Cody Hammerton† Cody Hampsterton Curdy Hamptonson Emily Holiday Freddy Hertz
Gabby Shrihaka Gabriel Freeze Gareldine Venere Gel Frodrich Geraldine Venere†
Gerald Vigenere Giliette Jabstine Harold Yugazaku Harold Yugozaki† Harol Yugozuki
Heinz Doof† Heinz Doofenshmitz Henry Long High Doof Jessica Neddy
Jule Fredrich† Julie Freedrich Juliette Gabstine† Juliette Gebstime June Herring
Justin Ma Kimberly Grefflin Kim Grefflen† Kim Gremlin Kylie Deterny
Lenard Greobrant Luna Wattaru Oscar Higgins Perry Wondelson Quinton Benter
Raye Benber Raye Penbar Raye Penber† Ray Herding Rick Joney
Ricky Jones† River Jones Tao Lee Terry Petershmit Timothy Terrence†
Timothy Terronce Tim Terrace Tony Peterson Vector Palatine Victor Palatine†
Victor Palpatine Xia Kenshi Yukasa Wenshi Yuna Wattari† Yuna Watterli
Yvedear Balasuman† Yvedear Balasuperman Yvedore Belasuman Zaku Hamachi† Zeku Hatachi
Zoku Humachi