On the Subject of Decolored Squares

A structure cannot stand without a foundation. Logic is the foundation of function. Function is the essence of control.

See Appendix of Colored Squares for identifying modules in Colored Squares family.

  • At the start, if there are not three colors that occur exactly twice each and two that occur exactly 5 times each, you are looking at a different module.
  • Find your starting position in the following flowchart. The column is the color of B1, the row that of B4 (letters are columns from left to right, numbers rows from top to bottom). Re-assess this in case of strikes.
  • Examine the top-left square. If its color is listed in your current flowchart cell, follow the “P” arrow and tap the square; otherwise, follow the “N” arrow. Then move on to the next square.
  • The “next square” is the one to the right of the current square. After each full row, continue processing the remaining rows from top to bottom.
  • The colors are B (blue), G (green), M (magenta), R (red) and Y (yellow).