On the Subject of Decolor Flash

Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you may be spending too much time thinking about why this manual looks different.

  • A Decolor Flash module cycles through three displays with a break indicating the end of the sequence. Each word-color pair refers to a position in the hexagonal diagram below. The color refers to the colour of the letter, and the word refers to the single-letter abbreviation in the cell.
  • Note down these three positions — your goals. Then press either button.
  • The display will then cycle three positions with no break. These positions are the vertices of a triangle in the diagram.
  • Press the ‘NO’ button to remove the currently-displayed vertex from the triangle and add the other vertex that would form another triangle with the remaining two vertices, thus moving your position in the diagram.
  • Travel to each of the goals in order. Press ‘YES’ when a goal is displayed.
  • After reaching all three displays, travel to the central cell of the diagram to disarm the module.
  • Attempting to move off the grid, pressing ‘YES’ on an incorrect display, or moving to the central cell without submitting all three goals will incur a strike.
  • Hold ‘NO’ for at least one second to return to the initial sequence. This will erase your progress and take you back to the starting position.
B G R B R W Y W M M Y G B R G G W R * Y B M Y M W M W Y R B G B G W Y R M