On the Subject of Decomposed RGB Arithmetic

These [still] are not numbers, yet, this is part of a cipher now.

The module has two filled 4×4 grids of RGB colours with LEDs in each corner. The 6 tiles furthest from the top-left are NOT considered to be part of the grid.

Each colour in the grid gives three digits, corresponding to each colour channel:

  • If the channel is not present at all, the digit is “-".
  • If the channel is maximised, the digit is “+".
  • Otherwise the digit is “0".

Each LED on the corners of each screen corresponds to a transformation to be applied to the respective colour channel on the grid:

  • Top left- Flip individual rows horizontally.
  • Top right- Flip individual columns vertically.
  • Bottom left- Swap the rows and columns i.e. A2 ↔ B1.
  • Bottom right- Invert the channel i.e. + ↔ -.

If the same transformation is applied to multiple channels, its respective LED additively mixes the corresponding colours.

This module has one stage:

  • Each channel for the corresponding grid consists of any number of transformations that are applied in a specific order, with the first transformation flashing after that channel’s color being absent on the LEDs. The bottom-right LED will NEVER flash in a sequence and must be used last for that channel on each grid.

The right screen displays characters corresponding to one or two of the operators below.
In reading order, apply the operator to the pairs of digits corresponding to each colour channel of each square in the same position of the respective transformed grids. When using multiple operators, apply the first operator to the first pair of squares, the second operator to the second pair of squares, and alternate between those two operators for the rest. (The first operator will be displayed AFTER the blank display if multiple operators are present.)
The result of the operation corresponds to the channel of the target colour of the respective square in the centre grid.


Use the three RGB selectors to generate the target colours, and select the squares on the centre grid to fill them with the selected colour.

Press the check button to submit the colours of the centre grid:

  • If all colours match the target, the center grid will flash green and the module will be disarmed.
  • Otherwise:
    • Squares that match the target colour will flash green before returning to the submitted colour.
    • Squares that do not match the target colour will flash red before resetting and turning black.

Pressing the reset button will turn every square in the centre grid black.

Appendix: Colour Referencing

The chart below can be used to reference the possible colours on the module.

In addition, the 12th, 15th, and 16th tiles in reading order, for all 4×4 grids, will show the B, G and R values of the 10 squares closest to the top-left.

Appendix: Colour To Alphabet

Each colour, excluding black, can be assigned to a letter in the alphabet, which when converted from the center grid in reading order, form 2 words.