On the Subject of Desert Bus

So grab a pen and tell 'er... that you’re defusing a bomb.

Vegas, baby! You’re on the very straight, very clear road from Tucson, Arizona, to Las Vegas, Nevada, driving a bus.

There are four "lanes": The left ditch, the left lane, the right lane, and the right ditch.

When the needy is activated, the bus will begin its journey, starting in the left lane. To steer the bus, use the left and right buttons.

If the bus stays in either ditch for 30 seconds, the bus will break down and you’ll get a strike. You’ll also be given a strike if the bus moves to the left of the left ditch, or to the right of the right ditch.

Oh, and the bus has a slight list to the right. After the needy is activated, or after you steer the bus, the bus will move to the next lane to the right every 45 seconds.

If you complete an eight-hour journey without the bus breaking down, congratulations! You score a point! Simply press start within one minute to continue and get some overtime! You really should, because if you don’t press start in time, you’ll get a strike.