On the Subject of Destabilized Numbers

Alright, who forgot to install an antivirus software?

This module contains a 7-segment display that can show up to 3 digits, and buttons labelled with the numbers 0–9, the word “TOGGLE”, and the word “SUBMIT”.

Initially the 7-segment display will not be showing anything, however once the button labelled “TOGGLE” is pressed numbers will start to flash briefly on the display. These numbers are supposed to be following a stable pattern of a simple + or × operation, however some numbers when displayed could destabilize and be offset or have a digit glitch out.

Find out the operation being applied to the numbers. Then press the button labelled “TOGGLE” once again to stop numbers from flashing. Remember what number was on the display before you pressed the button.

To solve the module enter and submit what the next stable number is supposed to be using the buttons labelled with numbers and the button labelled “SUBMIT”.

Submitting a number that is not the next stable one will cause a strike and the entered number to be cleared.


  • Any time a number would go above 999 or below 0, it must be brought back into range 0–999 (modulo 1000).
    • The display will do this automatically.
    • The value applied by the operation will be in this range.
  • Any offsets will be within the range of -100 to 100.
  • The button labelled “TOGGLE” can be pressed freely at any time.
    • Anything entered on the display before pressing this button will be cleared.
  • A strike and clear will also be issued if the button labelled "SUBMIT" is pressed before the button labelled “TOGGLE” is pressed at least once.