On the Subject of Dialtones

I try and I try and I try to make you listen to me.

The module has a numpad equipped with an additional play and record button. Pressing the play button will play a sequence of dialtones. The numbered buttons may be freely pressed to hear the dialtone associated with them as long as the record button has not been pressed.

The numbers associated with each dialtone in the sequence can be converted to a word as follows:

  • Each run of the same number represents the Nth letter in the number’s cell in the diagram, where N is the length of the run.
  • The number 1 is used to separate consecutive runs of the same letter, as it has no letters associated with it.

To solve the module, submit the word that is after the word obtained from the dialtones in the wordlist equal to the last digit of the serial number, wrapping around if necessary. The wordlist is in reading order.

Press the record button to begin input. The word must be submitted in the same format as the word on the module, i.e., a sequence of numbers. Press the record button again to submit. Submitting an incorrect word will strike and generate a new word. There is no way to clear your input except submitting.