On the Subject of Dice Cipher

Some password generators use atmospheric noise to create their random passwords. This one uses a good ol’ fashioned roll of the dice.

This module will have four dice with unusual pip patterns above two buttons labelled “Roll” and “Submit”. Each pip pattern on the dice corresponds to a letter, based on the below diagram.

Each time the dice are rolled using the “Roll” button, a four-letter word will be displayed on the dice. Each letter in the word belongs to a group, whose members are listed in the below table. Each word rolled by the module will have one group in common. The die in this group’s number’s position from left to right is the target die.

To solve the module, add the number of battery holders to the number of indicators. Subtract 4 from this number while it is 4 or greater, and add 1 to it. Press the submit button when the target die’s letter is present in the group of this number.