On the Subject of Dice Stacks

Find out if you stack up.

  • On this module is a stack of four dice, each with a different number on each of its faces.
  • Around this stack are four displays. One in each cardinal direction.
  • The numbers on the faces of the four dice that point in the directions of each display must sum to the numbers displayed on them.
    The numbers on the top and bottom faces (facing away from and into the bomb) of the dice are ignored.
  • Selecting an arrow rotates the top die 90° in its direction.
  • Tapping the top die pushes the whole stack into the module, bringing the bottom die to the top.
  • Holding the top die submits the current configuration of dice.
    Each display turns green if its target is met and red if it is not.
  • The module is solved if all displays turn green and issues a strike if any turn red.