On the Subject of Directional Button

This is the one time a Roblox knockoff is good.

  • There is a button and two directional buttons on the module.
  • The color and text of the button can vary.
  • You must click the main button a certain amount of times before pressing a directional button.
  • This module has 5 stages in total.
  • Use the first rule that applies.

Step 1:
  1. If the button is blue and says Detonate, press the main button once.
  2. If the button is red, press the main button twice.
  3. If the button says Abort, press the main button three times.
  4. If the button is white, press the main button four times.

Step 2:
  1. If you pressed the main button once or twice, press down.
  2. If you pressed the main button 3 or 4 times, press up.